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There are many different facets to product photography, and whether you're carrying out your own shoot, or thinking of commissioning a shoot this guide provides some helpful points, and explains the basic differences, types & styles available in the Forever Creative studio.


Writing a successful, and creative brief, for product photography can sometimes be difficult, I've prepared this guide, to help a little. It provides notes on many of the different aspects of a shoot, and different requirements and options. Please read the Product Photography Guide first though. If you're working with me, email me for an editable version.


Not everyone has had their work professionally photographed previously, and as such, this short guide helps give you a little information about how a shoot would proceed, what you can expect, and how you can best prepare and plan beforehand. This can help you get more out of your shoot.

Tips for your own Photography

Bringing your Products to Life
Written for the British Craft Trade Fair

Tips on Five Key Areas of Product Photography for Makers.
Written for the Great British Exchange

"At BCTF, we know just how important good images are. In fact we strongly believe they are the single most important selling tool you have.

We know some of you can't afford professional images, especially those of you just starting up, so here is a link to a short tutorial by photographer Richard Jackson on how to achieve the best possible shots on a limited budget." Margeret Bunn, BCTF

"It is essential that your brands product photography is of high quality because it is the way consumers are able to view your product which therefore enables it to communicate a products features and quality level. Good quality photos are able to create desire among consumers and encourage them to purchase. Forever Creative Studio have compiled their three top tips to help you improve your brands photography.." Carl Milligan, Great British Exchange.

Tips on Five Key Areas of Product Photography for Makers.
Written for the Great British Exchange

Other Interviews & Articles

An Interview with Make it in Design
Written for their Designer Interview Section

"Today we are thrilled to bring you an inspiring and informative interview with Richard Jackson – a Yorkshire based product photographer and founder of Forever Creative Photography. Today, Richard shares on his journey into professional product photography, how he developed his signature style, and offers up some brilliant tips and resources for capturing stunning, professional quality product imagery."

Photography Tips with Richard Jackson
Written for the Gift Shop Hub, and posted on twitter and other social platforms.

They Say a Picture Paints a Thousand Words
An article written by Ron and Roy of Howling Moon PR about the importance of product photography for successful P R campaigns and your brand.


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