If you're a surface pattern designer or illustrator your designs can be are applied to many different product types.

Lets face it, you may not always have time to have a shoot done, in time for a particular event, a specific press release...the list goes on.

I've had quite a few clients asking for 'blanks' producing for them. See here for some examples. This can also be done for mugs, textiles, coasters...basically any of the products you work with.

Another advantage of these stock images, is how realistic they can appear. It's simply just a case of superimposing your artwork in Photoshop, then have a play with the Layer Compositing modes, usually I find 'Multiply' works best. This allows some of the grain, and the lighting across the card, to show through your artwork. Thus avoiding that freshly 'Photoshopped' in look.

By the way you can add these type of shots to any shoot of I can do a shoot specifically to provide you with these. It's very cost effective if you add to an existing shoot, because I can then use the 'setting' and pop in a blank product.

Pricing for these are based upon your requirements. As always if a setting has been created, and the props have been chosen I can use that to create different shapes and sizes of images, making it very cost effective for you. Whatever I quote you for these types of images, will include an extended license.

These images are still entirely yours, so you won't see them popping up anywhere else with another designers artwork on. See here for some helpful hints on photoshopping your artwork in.

If you'd really like to make your life a little easier, you can even send your digital artwork over, and I'll superimpose your artwork in for you.