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A website banner created for client Driftwood Designs




A studio lifestyle photograph created for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

The Forever Creative studio works with brands, creatives and designer-makers from all across the UK and creates product photography, lifestyle imagery, packshots and white background images. It's been over six years now since Richard Jackson, a product photographer with experience in working in both design and photography, setup the business and now hundreds' of shoots later has worked with many brands including, Made by Zen, the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery, the British Craft Trade Fair and lots of individual designers.

A still life photograph of hand sculpted vessels created by artist Jennifer Tetlow


Shoots with Forever Creative are carried out remotely meaning clients don't have to spend their time at the shoot, as well as paying for a photographer. Working hand in hand with clients producing product photography, website photography, and for use in social media and in-print. Enabling clients to push their products and brands to the next level through emotive and unique photography. To sell your products online and connect with your customers it's important to bring out tactile elements of your work, and to accentuate textures and capture reflective or special finishes in a professional way.

Many images have provided clients additional coverage and have been published in journals and industry magazines such as World of Interiors and show previews.



"We love the work of Richard Jackson of Forever Creative Photography, who has produced some fantastic style shots for the show..." Margeret Bunn, British Craft Trade Fair

"Thank you so much for the photos, they have exceeded my expectation and I”m thrilled with the results. I feel the images reflect who I am and what my work is about." Gabrielle Izen Design

"OMG! They are amazing! I’ve just shown them to my husband and he can’t believe they’re our products! Wonderful job and really appreciate your approach..." Trudy Evans, Flower Studio Marlow

"Thanks so much for these images - they look fantastic!... I love the lighting, the reflective surfaces, the clarity of the images and the composition - they look really stylish..." Graham Hudson Ceramics

"Wow they look amazing!! It’s suddenly clear to me that I need to get my work photographed professionally more often - the detail is amazing..." Kia Cannons, Sticks & Ink, Abstract Painter

"I think your photography really help define my look and brand" Jo Scott, Scott & Robson Designs

"I sent some of the new card images to my card publisher yesterday for him to show potential clients and he got a massive order from Australia - I think your images were integral to this so thought you'd like to know :)"
Helen Russell Creations

"WOW! They are brilliant! Just what I imagined and the texture picked up perfectly. Thank you." Jill White, Rocket 68 Designs

"I'd just like to say how much I love the photos! They're great! super pleased." Hannah Marchant Illustrates

"Richard is the saviour of my product photography. I ship stuff off to him, and fab images fly back!" Helen Russell Creations

"We love the work of Richard Jackson of Forever Creative Photography, who has produced some fantastic style shots for the show...."
Margeret Bunn, British Craft Trade Fair

A ceramics photograph of hand made ceramic cups in a row by maker Febbie Day


The studio has been developed to have a range of backgrounds, surfaces and props. Many of which are truly unique vintage items, and in the example of surfaces are all real items such as wooden panelling. It's this approach to items with real textures that all help to create a genuine convincing story.

For lifestyle photography it's important to allow your customer to visualise your product in context which is why we have  a select range of furniture that can be incorporated alongside period features, such as a fireplace, sash windows and skirting boards.

See examples of these in

Lifestyle studio photograph of bottles and glass by Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery


Howling Moon PR business card for their guest blog entry

Guest Post : Supporting Small Business by Keeping Calm and Carrying On

By Roy Mouncey

“As well as continuing to push products out to the press, we’ve been helping clients who’ve used their lockdown time to re-evaluate. Having someone from the outside look at your business/website, can often help you see things that you may be missing…”

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Softly lit greetings card image with geometric modern props

“Send a Card and Deliver a Smile” – Photography for a Greeting Card Business

By Richard Jackson

How we helped designer Adriana Lovesy with her greeting card business by producing unique styling and imagery to make her products stand out within the industry…

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BCTF trade show advertising product photography

Advertising the 2019 and 2020 British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) through Product Photography

By Richard Jackson

We were honoured to be asked to create advertising images for both the 2019 and 2020 British Craft Trade Fair. When creating imagery for this fantastic event…

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The Blog includes shoot case studies, guest posts and also 'How To' Articles on Product Photography for Designer-Makers.

Our passion for product photography and interest in design means we love working with many design-led and other product types such as apothecary brands, beverage makers, ceramic designers, and glass artists. While our clientele in Homewares, Textiles, and Stationery design products continue to push our love of creative storytelling.

We've worked with lots of greeting card designers, are a member of the Greeting Card Association, and work with other associations on regular basis.


Please click through our galleries to see a small sample of the portfolio. It would be great to chat with you about your products and requirements, and to answer any questions you may have. We do offer free consultations and quotations, so why not contact us and get the process started of commissioning a shoot that wins your customers hearts and minds.