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"One of the primary features of our White Background Photography service is creating a lighting solution that ensures perfect exposures and no distracting reflections. Surface features and elements are revealed creating a descriptive image which, put simply, is more likely to result in a sale."


Beverage bottle and carton packshot with shadow
Beverage bottle and carton packshot with shadow
Close up of bottle in packshot photography
Close up of bottle in packshot photography
Packaging/carton closeup and illumination of foil finish
Packaging/carton closeup and illumination of foil finish

We've gained a lot of experience working with our clients over the past five years. The starting point is to get to know you, your products and more importantly where you will be selling them.
Our ecommerce service will provide you with...

• Front-facing images of the item for sale - providing images that standout and easily catch the eye on your website and your retailers alike. There are various options that can provide a more exclusive look, including a reflection to the base. Some clients ask for off-white background images, this can create a more natural look for certain products.

• High-ticket items may need more than one image to convert a customer. We work to understand you and your customers to offer you the best product photography solution whether that be more images per product. 360° product photography (interactive or video gif) alternative views or close-ups of details of your product.

• If you need the product to be completely 'cut-out', with either a clipping path attached, or saved as a transparent PNG this is something we can offer.

As you can see from the gallery below, unlike when using a photo-cube objects can be shot from various angles, including from above, or even when hung. From small tabletop items such as ceramics, to larger items such as full sized mannequins. Rather than cutting out existing imagery which hasn't been created with this purpose in mind. We can also photograph white items which can be very difficult to capture on a pure white background.

We Specialise in White Background Product Photoshoots.

Ecommerce faces a challenge that traditional shops do not. The customer can't physically touch or see the product in the flesh. Before making that all important purchase, customers need other ways of informing them. Images are the key way to convey all the tangible elements of the product. The appearance of the product, when captured professionally can be conveyed accurately. These tactile elements can make all the difference. It's part of the job of product photography to influence the purchasing behaviour of your customers, as described in this article. Product photography has the power to narrate a story, convey what your brand is all about, and why the customer should care.

We Work With You.

Working with you and your brand we create the best possible ecommerce product photography. Throughout my career as a professional product photographer, I have come to understand the importance of delivering high quality, cost-effective ecommerce photography and website product photography.  This article talks about the benefits of good photography and what happens if you don't have it.

We use professional equipment and techniques, and create sharp focus throughout so that no key information is lost in the image. White background photography, when specifically lit, won't have any distracting reflections. The images will also depict the surface qualities, if it’s glossy that’s how it will appear, if there’s a texture to the surface that’ll be brought out too. A subtle shadow at the base of the product is left in the image, rooting the product to a surface, bringing your product to life and avoiding that floating on the page look

What's the Difference between Packshots and White Background Images?

Broadly speaking pack shots, which is short for 'packaging shots' are the same. However, clients who commission packshots are generally looking for a higher specification more detail orientated shoot.

Should I Choose White Background Photography or Lifestyle?

Whether you should choose to have white background shots/packshots, or lifestyle photography is dependent upon a number of factors, there's further information to help you decide in this article Lifestyle vs White Background Photoshoots

White background infinity sweep roll

We use a 2.7m wide background system, and have white rolls in 2.7m and 1.35m size. We have a photo table that can be used, items can be photographed on the floor, or hung in a variety of ways.

White background photography on product photography table

Further Reading and Info.

There are lots of potential uses for your white background images. They can be used as primary or secondary images on your own websites, on social media, for print advertising and so on. Many are used on selling marketplaces of various sizes. With the rise of Folksy, Amazon Handmade, and now even Facebook are getting in on the act and have created Facebook shops, read about this here.



Web banners are an important factor in web design, grabbing your customers attention and leading them into your product pages. They can be used in your own website, or as advertisements on other sites, such as Folksy, Amazon, and other marketplaces. They can be a lifestyle in nature letting the consumer see a tantalising hint of your brand or more product-specific.

For further examples of web banners created in the studio, please check out this Web Banners blog article.

Lifestyle photography taken in the studio including studio furniture for a clients own web banner
Web banner created in a subtle Nordic/Scandi style for a client in Norway.

Please call us on 01723 375141 or send us an email, and we can discuss your products, and how I can bring them to life for you and your website.