"We love the work of Richard Jackson of Forever Creative Photography, who has produced some fantastic style shots for the show..."
Margeret Bunn, British Craft Trade Fair

"Thank you so much for the photos, they have exceeded my expectation and I”m thrilled with the results. I feel the images reflect who I am and what my work is about."
Gabrielle Izen Design

"OMG! They are amazing! I’ve just shown them to my husband and he can’t believe they’re our products! Wonderful job and really appreciate your approach..."
Trudy Evans, Flower Studio Marlow

"Thanks so much for these images - they look fantastic!... I love the lighting, the reflective surfaces, the clarity of the images and the composition - they look really stylish..."
Graham Hudson Ceramics

"Wow they look amazing!! It’s suddenly clear to me that I need to get my work photographed professionally more often - the detail is amazing..."
Kia Cannons, Sticks & Ink, Abstract Painter

"I think your pics really help define my look and brand"
Jo Scott, Scott & Robson Designs

"I sent some of the new card images to my card publisher yesterday for him to show potential clients and he got a massive order from Australia - I think your images were integral to this so thought you'd like to know :)"
Helen Russell Creations

"WOW! They are brilliant! Just what I imagined
and the texture picked up perfectly. Thank you."
Jill White, Rocket 68 Designs

"I'd just like to say how much I love the photos! They're great! super pleased."
Hannah Marchant Illustrates

"Richard is the saviour of my product photography.
I ship stuff off to him, and fab images fly back!"
Helen Russell Creations



After your email or phone enquiry is received, discussions regarding styling and your products go ahead, and a quote will be sent to you.


Once we've discussed possible dates for the shoot, you'll receive a booking deposit invoice which when paid will secure your booking.


Post your products to the studio, using sufficient packing for return of your items. Please ensure that any fragile items are double-boxed.


The shoot will be carried out on the dates agreed, most shoots will have a test shot sent at the start of the shoot for you to approve.


High resolution photographs are uploaded to a Google Drive folder, and a link will be sent to you, where you alone will have download access.


After downloading your images, you can either accept them or let the studio know there are issues and the images need further alterations.


Once the shoot has been completed to your satisfaction the completion invoice will be raised, minus the booking deposit paid previously.


Products will be repacked in the original packing you sent over, and after the invoice has been paid the items will be posted back to you.

If you have any other questions about how the process would work for you please see the FAQ section.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel Adams

Portrait of Richard Jackson of Forever Creative Photography
Portrait by R Wood Photography

Since setting up the studio in 2014, I've worked with some brands, creatives and designer-makers all  producing exceptional work in their respective fields. Clients have used the images produced on their websites, social media and in print. Many images have provided clients with additional coverage and have been published in journals and industry magazines.

To sell your products online it's important to highlight special finishes, bring out textures and to capture reflective products in a professional way. You may find this difficult to achieve yourself, which is why I use professional lighting techniques and equipment.

Most clients have either had specific requirements and ideas, or have been less sure and have needed creative input and guidance throughout. As a creative myself I am able to provide this. The studio can offer lifestyle product photography, still life photography and professional product photography.

Of course not all clients are familiar with either product photography, or indeed working with a professional photographer. In the BLOG section you will find various guides, on how to write a brief, what to consider when doing so, and how to prepare for a shoot. If you're still unsure I do offer an introductory shoot, which you may find useful. I generally use these to explore either the ideas around your design, or the way in which the product may be used.

My creative journey started early at school when I produced my own magazine, it wasn’t exactly hot off the press in those days, more a case of cutting, pasting and photocopying but it led to an early interest in all things visual, and it left a lasting impression. Later I graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and Photography and have worked for a number of different companies in both of these areas.

Since moving to a larger studio I have begun to incorporate furniture into the shoots, such as vintage, early 20th and Mid Century pieces. I’m very proud that we are producing more UK made items, and I enjoy incorporating older items that were made in the UK as props.

Sometimes I ‘root’ the product in a set that reflects the design, I’ve done this with a lot of designs inspired by the sea, and the countryside. I’ve always loved, and felt most at home when in the countryside. Which is where I've found found objects, such as items washed up by the sea or found while walking through local forests.





Proud to be a member of The Giftware Association and The Greeting Card Association

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