"Richard offers a friendly, efficient service from which I have used the images on my web site and now have a coherent batch of product images, all taken with the same lighting and all looking professional." Camilla Thomas Textiles

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* Textile photography - please ensure that all textiles are ironed before sending and then rolled, this is the best way to ensure they remain crease free in transit.

When photographing handmade and production made textiles we take the approach of showing them in the home, but in a simple stripped back way. We don’t aim to replicate a complete room, just to give a feeling of it and create the ambience of the room.

We do this by showing a portion of the studio, such as a peak of a window, or perhaps positioning your product within the alcove next to the fireplace. Sometimes we will simply use the wall and show off a little of the skirting board, this way the focus stays upon your product rather than an elaborate interior scene. The studio has received a lot of attention since we originally moved here, and some of it’s original features have been reinstated, it’s based in an old Georgian townhouse. It’s wooden floor, period skirting boards and fireplace can be used to good effect and add an air of sophistication to any image.

With a select range of furniture including items such as chairs, chest of drawers and benches from our prop store we can create a subtle mid century theme, or a vintage or contemporary theme. All of which is designed to help your customer envisage your products in their home and increase your sales.

We aim to create an authentic look by using real props and objects, some of which already have a history all of their own. We do this to add to the story of the product, adding in these patinas and textures to create more interest and create a look that aligns with your brand.

Ladders, coat hooks, chairs, and other items of furniture from the prop store are used to complete the look, and for the items to hang from, or be draped over. We regularly use palm plants, bamboo plants, and driftwood to style the images, we also have other items such as classic cameras, vintage typewriters, and lots of old bottles that could be added to any shoot.

The whole thing comes together to make a great backdrop for 'home' products and an aspirational setting to use in your marketing. As well as this we can also provide a white background photography service, perfect for either shots on your own website, or for use in various e-commerce platforms.

Clients include Camilla Thomas Textiles, Hammam Havlu and Hines of Oxford.

For more examples of textile product photography please see our Pinterest board.