"Richard's clear, detailed photographs have captured the fine texture of the engraving and with clever use of lighting, objects and placement have given my glass lights a sense of scale, atmosphere and a place in the home." Tim Carter Glass

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* Glass photography - please ensure that all glass is double boxed when they are sent over to the studio. The same packaging will then be used to return your work to you.

Glass can make for a very difficult subject to photograph as you can imagine! Removing reflections is a very important goal in glassware photography and provides a professional appearance without any distractions like unwanted reflections of the room, or unsightly bright highlights. Although without any reflectivity the product doesn't look like glass anymore!

The next step is to create a lighting solution that illuminates the glass in a more pleasing way, introducing light more selectively. There are a variety of techniques to do this, partly dictated by the style desired for the overall shoot. Products can be presented in a lifestyle environment, or in a more simple way with darker more brooding light, showing off the work itself without any other distractions.
It really depends upon the brief from the client, and the way in which you’d like to present your work. Both ways have their advantages, the first placing the item in a context, the second focussing more upon bringing out the qualities of the glass, such as texture and colour. And perhaps creating pattern and shadow playfully making using of the light transmitted through the work.

Quite often when glass artists want to submit photographs for Exhibition Applications they require a more sophisticated, 'pared-down' appearance with more emphasis on lighting experimentation, this is also something we can do for you.

We have worked with a number of Contemporary Glassware Society members, as well as attending the British Craft Trade Fair each year. For further examples and ideas of how glassware can be both shot and styled, please see our Pinterest board.

Clients include Dragonfly Dichroic, Helen Tiffany Glass, Tim Carter Glass, Dove Glass Art, Vikki Stacey Glass Sculpture and Twice Fired

A quote from the CGS Team about glass photography...

"Glass is a difficult material to photograph well and poor photographs are an ongoing frustration for us when setting up both online exhibitions and helping promote member's work. All too often, we cannot use the photographs that we are provided with, which seems a great shame as we would like to get these members into our shows and start putting them forward for some great opportunities!"

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