If you haven't worked with me before, I do offer an introductory sample shoot, this provides you with five unique shots. Using any of my existing props, surfaces and backgrounds.

That's a really good way for you to check out the quality of the photography provided without committing to a larger shoot. It also helps you, if you're not quite sure on the style you require. See examples in the Introductory Shoot gallery.

The current costing for this is £95.00 for five images.

• The introductory shoot takes place in one session only, and cannot be split up into two or more.
• Although there wouldn't be any provision for sending across test shots, existing shots can be used as a basis for inspiration and a shot list would be agreed upon prior to the shoot.
• The shoot will take place at my studio where you won't need to be present, either send your items to me, or if you live nearby feel free to drop them off.
• Up to three of the shots can be group shots.
• The shoot is invoiced in two parts, 50% up front as a booking deposit, with the remainder, including any postage and packing invoiced when the shoot is complete.

You can use this template to pop down your requirements, and just to let you know these are the aspect ratios that are available, so whether you need the shots to be for social media, web or print, you can choose from these.


These are a common type of shot needed for your own websites, press use, and to show detail on online marketplaces. These are taken generally on a white background sweep (an infinity sweep).

See some examples in the White Background Shots gallery.

These shots have a subtle shadow, which 'roots' the product to a surface, and therefore the product doesn't appear to be 'floating'.

Also available are 'cutouts' where the product is completely cutout in post production.


I continually source props, create more surfaces, buy in more furniture. However, there always come a time when a client may need something a little different to what I already have in for their shoot.
If this is so I'm happy to source props, either that I recommend to you, or you specify.
To add fresh flowers to your shoot, I have organised a 15% discount for Forever Creative clients with Just use the code BLOOM when ordering.


These are various shot types available, and for a complete list describing the different types and styles check out my Product Photo Guide.

Product shots are shot for a number of requirements, whether that be website, marketplace, social media or perhaps you'd like to try and get featured in a magazine or trade journal.

Product shots are available using a surface based setting, using a variety of different surfaces and backgrounds. Lifestyle shots are available using surfaces again, or in more of an interior setting, with various items of furniture.


If you're a surface pattern designer or illustrator many of your designs are applied to many different types of products.

Lets face it, you may not always have time to have a shoot done, in time for a particular event, a specific press release...the list goes on.

I've had quite a few clients asking for 'blanks' producing for them. See here for some examples and further info.

This can also be done for mugs, textiles, cards, coasters...pretty much any product really.

If you'd really like to make your life a little easier, you can even send your digital artwork over, and I'll superimpose your artwork in for you.


Would you like to save some more time when dealing with images? When I carry out a shoot for you, I provide one image size and scale. That's to keep things simple, but also so that I don't spend extra time creating multiple copies that you may not need, thereby saving you money.

However, many clients may prefer to have them also saved for web use, social media use? Or perhaps have alternative crops of the same images. All in the sizes you uniquely require.

After you've accepted the images from a shoot, I can then produce multiple derivates for you, in the sizes you've chosen, and alternate crops if you wish, so that you can get a little more use out of the same image.

• Multiple Unique sizes, in your chosen sizes

• Multiple crops where possible, to extend the usage of your images

• Cutouts are available on all current and past shoots, just ask


Whether it's recolouring of product images, or more advanced photographic editing and product mockups. Examples are shown here.