When new products are produced in a new colour way, it can be cost effective to recolour existing images, rather than commissioning a new shoot. These images from Penny of Hammam Havlu were an example of this. The original blue has been recoloured into two new colourways. Please note you will need to receive the original copyright holders permission before this kind of work can be carried out.

[Images shown for illustrative purposes only, original copyright remains with Hammam Havlu/original photographer]

Photographic retouching recolouring example 1
Photographic retouching recolouring example 3
Photographic retouching recolouring example 2


Certain products can be very difficult to photograph, particularly when the client requires a white or light coloured backdrop. Sometimes I would recommend the setting or backdrop not be a light colour. But if its really important to you that it is sometimes its best to take two photographs, and merge them together.

Or as is this case the client had asked for me to clean up text on various photographs, and then also to produce some more. After making the text slightly more legible on some, and attempting to photograph further candles, it became clear that photographing a cylindrical object with foiled lettering can be extremely time consuming. I suggested recreating the lettering digitally, and the further right example is the digital mockup. After that it was simply a case of creating more using the template I had created.

[images shown for illustrative purposes only, the copyright remains with the original photographer and/or Make a Wish Candle Co], please note you will need to Copyright holders permission before making alterations such as these.

original image
enhanced original image