Our approach is to show your work off to it's best. What we don't aim to do is to make the pieces look absolutely perfect. That may sound contradictory, but in the case of handmade jewellery it's really important to keep some of those little imperfections, as it's these nuances that really mark the pieces out as individual. And that's what makes it special, so why would you want to remove that in the photography.

For further info. on styling, who we've worked with and examples of shoots scroll down below the images.

All of these examples were captured in a very simple setting such as a white background. What we can do is integrate your work into more styled settings, with various colours and props. Please take a look at the other galleries to see what's possible. If you have any specific ideas on styling we'd be delighted to discuss this with you.

There are certain things to consider when commissioning a jewellery shoot. The macro nature of the photography of jewellery shows up some elements of surface corrosion and dirt that is not visible to the naked eye. Due to this we would ask you to clean your jewellery before it is sent. The studio does have an ultrasonic cleaner and we will use this where necessary to remove anything further from the surface. Do please let us know if your pieces cannot be placed into an ultrasonic cleaner.

We have full frame cameras, 100mm macros lenses, extension tubes and various lenses that can be used in jewellery product photography. We have studio flash, and lots of light modifiers which can be used to capture different magnifications of products, and various lighting styles.

When we asked for feedback from a client, this is what they said "What to mention first - you paid attention to our requirements and provided additional ideas and feedback, you perfectly understood our needs, your photos were amazing and delivered very quickly - same with the edits. An excellent communicator without all the faff and straight to the point!" Vicky, Enter Heart

Our clients, and some of the work above, is from designer's Enter Heart, Janet Leitch, Mackay and Pearson, and Kate Wimbush.

If you have specific guidelines, or your products have a particular orientation to their design, please send across either a simple diagram or a rough photograph of the correct orientation. A mobile phone image will be fine for this purpose. Please see/use this example template