"I was absolutely blown away by the photos taken by Richard! The composition was incredible - it was exactly how I wanted my ceramic home ware and art pieces to be displayed. He captured the mood perfectly, and I felt as though he has represented my style and brand in every shot". Febbie Day Ceramicist

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* Handmade ceramics photography - please ensure that all ceramics are double boxed when they are sent over to the studio. The same packaging will then be used to return your work to you. We are very careful when we unwrap your work, and also photograph the way in which you have packed your items. This helps us to repack them, in not an identical way but very similar. What we always recommend is to ensure there's no movement in your box as it's this that causes vibration which can break items.

When commissioning a ceramics shoot, there's quite a few possibilities. From still life photography with textured backgrounds, to simple product images or lifestyle photographs set within the studio's interior setting. In the blog you can read a post about a shoot for ceramicist Febbie Day, where various settings and backdrops were used.

Many images work well with very simple props such as flowers, plants and natural objects. There's many different surfaces to choose from, ceramics generally go with stone surfaces such as marble, slate and concrete. They can also be styled alongside natural wooden surfaces, particularly those with some age to them, which we have a number of in the studio prop store.

It's important to accurately reflect the material of the ceramic within the shot, and as such we use professional lighting equipment and techniques, to show reflections upon glossy surfaces. It's also essential to reveal texture and patina where present. We prefer to keep things simple when photographing ceramics, to allow the work to speak for itself, and as such typically use a small number of props alongside. Items such as dried flowers, and other organic ingredients are examples.

Diffused light works very well, in particular when lit from one side allowing a gradient effect across the surface of the piece. Broadly the ceramics are styled either in a setting using natural objects, as a surface and a background, or the studio itself is used. The studio, set in a converted Georgian townhouse, now a business centre, has period features and provides a great backdrop to create an aspirational setting for your work.

We regularly attend the British Craft Trade Fair, and produce their show photography each year which often includes a variety of contemporary craft, including contemporary and traditional handmade ceramics. A shoot for Febbie Day in the blog illustrates different styled that ceramics can be photographed. For more examples of styling that is possible, and to see more clients we've worked with previously, check out the ceramics Pinterest board.

Working with clients such as Graham Hudson Ceramics, Jennifer Tetlow Sculpture, Jack Laverick Ceramics, Made in Yorkshire and Febbie Day.

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