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SHOOT RETROSPECTIVE : Ceramics Photography for Febbie Day

A ceramics photographic shoot for maker Febbie Day Ceramics. This shoot shows the various different styles that ceramics can be shot in. Ceramics are very interesting to photograph. The technique and resulting images depend much upon the surface quality of the work, the most important being whether they are glossy or matte. Either way I tend to use additional diffusion to what the standard softbox will provide. For the still life images below I picked wildflowers, which can be a good alternative to bought-in versions as they have a different, more raw appearance.

Still life traditional style photograph of set of ceramics by Febbie Day


Simple contemporary photograph of small ceramic beakers


Digressing slightly, I picked this set of cutlery up a while ago for a couple of pounds as I thought the style of them was amazing. They’re extremely simple, modernist and geometric and definitely have the look! They have ‘Air France’ stamped on them very subtly and when I looked them up recently and they were designed by Raymond Loewy  a French American industrial designer. I will be picking up some more soon of varying designs, I think this time I will have to pay a little more though.Overhead flatlay style photograph of handmade ceramics plates and bowls by Febbie Day Ceramics


Lifestyle photograph in interior style for Febbie Day Ceramics maker of handmade porcelain vases

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