The space in which I use to photograph work has always been very important. The room next door to the current studio became available and I jumped at the chance of extending the current studio.

It did mean a lot of work however, as the previously adjoining space had previously been separated and plastered over. Not to mention it had most of the original features stripped out and was in definite need of renovation.  So with a trusty sledgehammer in hand, I set about joining the spaces up back up again.

One room within a Victorian building, the new room within an older  Georgian building, it’s been a bit of a challenge as you can imagine, with such old spaces nothing quite lines up, nothing is square, and nothing is flat! But after many repairs and the installation of brand new period correct skirting boards, a brand new floor, and renovating the original cast iron fireplace the space is starting to feel like a studio.





Here’s an image I recently produced for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (featuring the work of I Like Birds), which shows an example of how the room can be used to create a home styled setting, a lounge setting in this case.

As you can see the the old bathroom has been turned into a room where all the backgrounds, surfaces and equipment live. A local gallery was closing and I managed to get hold of a large arts stand which is great and it stores most of them away in one area.

The original studio has now become a storeroom for all of the props and furniture. You can see more images of the studio, and the facilities here