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Tips on your Own Photography for Designers and Makers

Product photography tips for designer makers and creatives. These will help you achieve the best possible photography with limited budgets and equipment. We regularly write new articles and blog posts, so don’t forget to check back here.

99 Designs

Choosing and Hiring a Photographer


Product Photography Basics – Quick & Easy Ways to Get Better Product Shots

A Step-by-Step Guide to Photographing and Styling More Traditional Products

How to Photography Handmade Glass, Fused Glass and Glass Art

Greeting Card Association

How to Photograph your Greeting Cards

Progressive Greetings Online / PG Buzz
How to…Photograph Greetings Cards


Rise Shine and Design, Blog Series

This blog series delves into creating a story through your use of photography, how to light your work. Keeping things consistent in terms of style. It then moves on to technique and practical advice, finishing with advice on creating your very own studio.

Creating a Story, Lighting your Work, Style and Consistency, Technique and Practical Advice, Create your Very Own Studio


Great British Exchange
Three Tips to Improve your Brands Photography

Howling Moon PR
DIY Product Photography

Make it in Design


We’re going to start posting some articles here that we feel are very helpful in understanding product photography further.

Starting off with this article from Wix, Product Photography 101: The Guide for Small Business Owners

Image Resizing

For all shoots we supply the full size high resolution images, and if you require further sizes from there you can either do those yourself or we can upload additional copies for you – there is obviously an additional charge for this. If you prefer to do this yourself there are several different ways.

Most designers will have a copy Adobe Photoshop, this is how Photoshop can save you time in resizing in an easy batch process and please see

If you don’t have Photoshop there are several online apps that can always do this for you – such as

One last way, if you’re a Windows user, and this was actually recommended by a client, it’s an app to download this one is very handy and easy to use, after installing, simply click right mouse button on an icon and the rest is easy.


We like this article by Farrow and Ball on how different light affects colours, something which is very important in photography. Direction of windows has a dramatic effect too, so if you’re creating your own place within your home to carry out photography, take a look at this

How Dpi Affects Printing and Images for the Web

Some clients ask for their web sized images to be altered from the standard 300dpi, to 72dpi. The following articles tell you why it doesn’t matter anymore, and therefore doesn’t need to be done.