How We Approached Photographing Handmade Wedding Stationery

You’ve received something a little different in the post today. It certainly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the post, it’s not a bill and it certainly isn’t something throw-away. It’s unique, looks beautiful and even feels amazing. The texture and thickness of the paper stock oozes quality. What could it be?

Wedding invitations are much more than a way of simply providing information to guests, they are designed to be an experience from the very moment the envelope is opened. This is the reason why wedding stationery designers put so much thought and attention to detail into their creations. Invitations are designed to give a flavour of the day to come, to be emotive, and to announce the special day in a special and unique way. In this article we’ll explain how we worked with a wedding stationery designer to produce some exclusive looking images.

I was delighted to be asked to photograph the charming and stunning handmade wedding stationery by the talented designer Michelle Thexton, and her brand…Shells Bells

Michelle and I spoke on several occasions to discuss her brand, the wedding stationery itself and what makes it exclusive and unique.  After several discussions we decided upon five different shot types to represent the collections, and capture the essence of the brand.

The Perfect Brief.

Most shoots proceed in this manner, in a collaborative way. Spending time to understand you the client, the designs and giving consideration to how best to proceed with props, settings and lighting. We are lucky that most of the designers I work with here at Forever Creative Photography work similarly, and appreciate. We use an in-house shot list document extensively to gather information from clients, and then break this down into unique shots and settings.

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What makes this Handmade Stationery particularly Enticing?

Michelle bases her collections upon people in her life that she has found inspirational. For example, the collection ‘Sarah’ is shown below.
Featuring unique typography, beautiful illustrations and printed upon textured paper stocks.

The Product Photoshoot.

As you can see two alternative settings were used, the first using a white slatted surface, while the second introduces a pale rustic wooden plank. Surfaces and backgrounds are something we continually develop, and this particular example had been recently stripped and toned down with wood bleach. The layout of the individual pieces is generally based upon a layered approach, where certain parts of the designs are covered over, and other areas are highlighted.

Michelle’s brand colours are green and white, this is reflected by the choice of props (the plates were actually supplied by the client) and also the flowers. Flowers are always a staple for use in photography of wedding stationery. Michelle usually chooses Bloom and Wild, but there are quite a few letterbox flower options to choose from. Real flowers definitely add a ‘certain something’ to the images which is difficult to replicate using faux variants.

Above – Screenshot of the clients own website, showing how she has used the images.

Michelle’s Reaction.

“Thank you Richard for working your magic on my wedding stationery designs. I am over the moon with the pictures – they are exactly what I wanted. Thanks also for making the process so easy & straightforward … you’ve been such a pleasure to work with.” Michelle Thexton,

Michelle also believes that the images have helped her to become a listed supplier with a venue, “I hope this will be a game changer, I think having professional photography has really been the driving force behind this.”

If you’d like to discuss having your own designs photographed don’t forget you can ask for a no obligation quotation, or even commission an introductory shoot. You can use this not only to try out the service but as a way of finding a style that could accompany your own work and help improve your sales.

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