Covid 19 Update - Open for business continuing to work with new and existing clients.


This is my second shoot for the lovely people at the Flower Studio in Marlow. For this, I painted up new backgrounds, to be a little more subtle and reminiscent of interiors backgrounds. I’ve been expanding my range of lighting modifiers, including stripboxes and different sized softboxes to provide different qualities of light which allowed me to play with the lighting more and to produce these shots. Lighting is of course one of the most critical elements within product photography and can make such a difference to the end result.

“OMG! They are amazing! I’ve just shown them to my husband and he can’t believe they’re our products! Wonderful job and really appreciate your approach”. Trudy, Flower Studio Marlow.

Clients often request the use of fresh flowers in their shoots. I can of course source these locally, but there is quite a limited choice in the local florists. Alternatively Trudy from the Flower Studio is happy to offer any Forever Creative clients 15% off, and they can use the code BLOOM when ordering so that’s generally a better option.