The studio's facilities can be used to photograph a wide variety of products including commercially manufactured products. Whilst primarily focussing on products that can be photographed within the studio we do also offer location services within the Scarborough and North Yorkshire region.



I do also provide on location services for commercial and industrial applications. These shots for Schneider Electric, a global company with various plants around Yorkshire, such as one in Leeds and another right here in Scarborough. These images are part of ongoing photography that I carry out at the plant. Generally the lighting conditions leave a lot to be desired, with mixed changeable lighting and as such a considerable amount of time is spent in post production.

Images are enhanced, with a view to making elements of the products very sharp. Reflective elements are removed from upon the surface of the metal cabinets, and damage or dirt are also removed.

After all that has been completed the products are cutout and placed upon a white background, which are then used in the clients promotional and technical literature.




"Schneider Electric Ltd had a requirement for some product photography shooting on our factory floor. We were introducing a new product innovation but our window of opportunity was very small due to the product being required on a customer's site within a few days. We contacted Richard, who was able to respond to our requirements in an unfussy manner and produced some high quality photo's which we are able to use to promote our offer to our customer base. Thank you Richard!"

Lee Fairburn, Schneider Electric

Further examples are show below. This time the client required a new automated spray booth to be captured. I spent some time removing wear and tear to the floor, where the paint had rubbed away. The lighting was enhanced by merging more than one image together before removing accumulated dirt from the skylights, all to present the most professional view of their new equipment.



The studio's facilities can be used to photograph a wide variety of products including commercially manufactured products. This client needed a set of lifestyle images, one of the studio's window sills was used to provide the necessary setting.

Malton Plastics, a UK plastic injection moulding company, create many different products and manufacturing services across various sectors, including automotive, agriculture, construction, consumer appliances, electronics, floorcare, and home and garden.

Lewis from the company asked me to carry out a shoot of their garden centre products including propagators from their Early Grow brand.


"Richard was easy to work with, understood what I was wanting and provided great quality photographs. Would use again!"

Lewis, Malton Plastics