Shoot Retrospective : Complete Home Accessories by Humblewood

Learn how we styled products from designer-maker brand ‘Humblewood’ using our studio as a backdrop and in true modernist fashion, how we use a very simple approach with limited props to create this style. We used furniture from our prop store that accompanied and reflected the brands’ mid century influence. Read on to see how the shoot progressed and the resulting look from the many subsequent shoots that have taken place…

The Client

Designer-maker Bob Bryant introduces us to his work in a nutshell “It’s just us, the wood and a splash of colour.” Beautifully crafted from sustainable hardwoods these indie designs are unique not only due to their design and craftsmanship but because of their quirkiness and personality. Many with names like Bertie the stool and so on! All created from their workshop in Cumbria’s beautiful Eden Valley, all using sustainably sourced native hardwoods including Ash, Beech and Oak. Picking out the beauty of these natural materials through craftsmanship and pickup out details in vivid colour.

The product range is constantly evolving as new ideas are developed; recent additions include an expanded clock range, lamps and chopping boards among others.


Design Influences from Mid 20th Century and Scandinavian Design


Bob’s products are influenced by Scandinavian and Mid 20th Century design and this is evident throughout his work, this is great for us as we share this influence and as such some of our furniture and prop selection includes pieces from this period.