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Shoot Retrospective : Turkish Towels by Hammam Havlu

These simple, natural towels are produced by Hammam Havlu.  As Penny from the company says, they have a multitude of uses, from practical beach towels to picnic blankets, they’re shown here using the surroundings of the studio, to create a setting, alongside mid-century furniture and various contemporary and natural props and plants.

These are the type of shots I’ll be expanding upon as time goes on, I keep buying furniture and always have a good selection of smaller items in to go with them, particularly vintage industrial items as well as props evoking the coast and countryside. Here the shots shows what can be achieved using simple things like voils or curtains to suggest a window, particularly as in this case when lit through the voil.

Penny was pleased with her previous photographer, but didn’t like the inflexibility of having to order a full days shoot each time she had new products. Although its not generally advisable to shoot only one product at a time, I can do that, with a small surcharge. More usually I would photograph several products at a time, which is a better option than a full day shoot. This can fit-in more easily with clients needs and timescales.

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