Shoot Retrospective : Kate Wimbush Jewellery Photography

A jewellery photography shoot for a local maker. Designer Kate Wimbush creates handmade jewellery inspired by the sea and the elements. In this shoot, she requested a look that would work for Christmas, but also year round and requested strings of lights in the background. With jewellery photography providing such a limited depth of field, they easily become out of focus in the background, which is great as they don’t detract from the product itself. Getting the shot setup and the distance between product and background however was not quite so simple, and took a little experimentation.

Product photograph of droplet styled cufflinks handmade from silver Product image of cufflinks handmade from silver and styled in the appearance of snowflakes Silver pendant product photograph with lights in the background out of focus bokeh Cufflinks in the style of boats product photograph with white background and reflection Silver necklace photograph with out of focus lights in the background


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