Shoot Retrospective : Textile Design Photography for Camilla Thomas

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting lots of beautifully designed handmade textiles, including these cushions and throws. Camilla’s work is inspired by the light, movement and structures found by the coast. In particularly around Anglesey.  For photography of textile design, along with most products, having them shot in the studio is very helpful. It ensures continuity between shots which provides a professional appearance.  Each product also had a secondary white background shot,  always useful for any brand.

These textiles are by designer, Camilla Thomas.

For more examples of textile photography, please see the Textiles Gallery.


They’re shown here using the surroundings of the studio, to create a setting, alongside mid-century furniture and various contemporary and natural props and plants.

These are the type of shots I’ll be expanding upon as time goes on, I keep buying furniture and always have a good selection of smaller items in to go with them, particularly vintage industrial items as well as props evoking the coast and countryside. Here the shots shows what can be achieved using simple things like voils or curtains to suggest a window, particularly as in this case when lit through the voil.



We also produced white background textile shots for Camilla, and these are shown on her website page here…

Recently there’s been a lot of products coming into the studio where the client has requested white background shots. Here are a few examples taken for  Camilla from Camilla Thomas Textiles. These shots are generally used for press use, they can also be used as primary or secondary product shots on websites too. Primary shots can be for sites that are perhaps more fashion orientated, and the secondary shots are ideal if your website has a zoom function as the shots are in sharp focus throughout. For pricing and other examples of this type of photography, including other products such as ceramics, check out the white background gallery.

A screenshot from a clients website showing cutout white background images of cushions