“We researched Yorkshire based photography and were really impressed with the images on Richard's website. We really liked too that he was very local to us and understood the region and the area that we represent. Really impressed and easy to work with, despite very tricky circumstances (shoot was scheduled for the end of March, just as the lock down began). We received some really fantastic imagery.” Jenni Mellor, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

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We love to work with beverage brands from all across the UK, and we provide a number of creative possibilties which allow us to photograph and present products in a refreshing and accurate way. From still life photography with real backgrounds and props, to simple product images, packshots and close-ups. All of which can be used in advertising and also on clients own websites.

When it comes to packaging and showing off your drinks brand, we bring out special finishes on packaging using professional studio lighting and techniques. We have a whole selection of backgrounds, surfaces, from a variety of sources all carefully selected to give a genuine appearance in any image in addition to a wide variety of colours.

Our professional studio techniques such as the use of additional diffusion allow us to bring out the best in the colour of liquid and of course photographing the glass itself. Where it's not possible to photograph group shots without unsightly highlights multiple images are composited together.

As well as creativity, consistency is key to our service, this is very important when producing shots such as packshots and product close-ups. Once agreed upon, we create a shoot plan and diagram which records all of the necessary information so we know exactly how we are going to place equipment into position. We have a colour-managed workflow which ensures colour accuracy. This also ensures cost-effectiveness between shoots as well as enhancing your brands reputation online.

The shop at the Spirit of Yorkshire whereby packshots taken at different times all appear on-brand and the same angle, composition and exposure.

In the blog you can read a post about a shoot for distillery Spirit of Yorkshire, where various settings and backdrops were used.

We'd be very happy to hear from any brands, and offer a discount of 20% on your first two shoots, which is an ideal opportunity for clients to try out ideas, and establish a style all of their own. Whether that be for a gin, vodka, beer, cider or wine producer. Don't worry if you haven't yet developed a photography brief or have no prior experience of professional photography as we are always happy to help clients prepare for a shoot.

Working with clients such as the Spirit of Yorkshire distillery and Wold Top Brewery.