A Creative Product Photography Journey for Miniml Apothecary

The Friendly Chemical Company, who produce natural cleaning products, contacted us with a brief to provide a shoot that fulfilled their need for a combination of lifestyle, product and interior styled imagery. A tall order all within one shoot but we succeeded by using a simple approach and tieing images together with consistent themes throughout.

Miniml is a natural cleaning brand, created by the Friendly Chemical Company offering zero waste solutions to their customers at over 500 stores in the UK, ensuring that every bottle that is sold is reused.

The Brief in Detail

These are the project requirements we received from Miniml:

• To have the right balance of product photographs against lifestyle and onto interiors. This to ensure the images are appealing to as broad an audience as possible.
• Have a balance between showing the actual products versus their uses in everyday life.
• Use ‘sunshine’ lighting and adding softness with fabrics to make it look homely and clean.
• Try and tap into interior influences using pampas grass, hessians, and rattan products.

Using Ingredients of the Products as Props

Miniml sent over a laundry basket with their products, but other than that we supplied all the props used for the shoot, from the prop store and also from the local market. This great historical market is literally round the corner from the studio in the Old Town part of Scarborough. It’s great for a whole range of fresh produce, and for this shoot we purchased apple, orange, coconut, almonds, and grapefruit.

The Scarborough Public Market a great source of local produce

There are several reasons why fruit can be very effective within product photo shoots.

• Adding fresh fruit to a lifestyle photograph can awaken the viewer’s senses. For instance, the orange makes you think of the citrus fragrances and the taste of the fruit connects you with the image on a more emotive level.
• The fact that your product may include fresh and natural ingredients is reinforced visually.
• They have interesting shapes, textures, colours, and small details that will pop.


Simple backgrounds add character to your product photo shoots. A marble background and a wooden surface create a colour and texture contrast. We used a rustic table and a free-standing contemporary basin to add to the home style portrayal, which was of course part of the brief. All images are created right here within the studio by creating hints of rooms, this is great as they present a stripped down/pared down look which allows your product to be the hero without distracting elements.

Bringing Products to Life

Creating ‘everyday moments’ by including actions is something that adds the feeling of motion to a still image. We have hands ‘doing the washing-up’ and spraying the cleaner onto a surface to stage those everyday-life moments to help the audience visualise the products’ use.

Setting the self timer on the camera meant that we were able to include Richard’s own hands in the shots.

Furniture as Props

We have a small range of fantastic furniture that can be used. From mid-century chests and vintage chairs to wooden table lamps, there is something for every brand. In this shoot, we used a palm plant, various succulents and an Eiffel chair made by the famous Charles Eames.

This simplistic and chic chair creates a clean, minimalistic mood. The sharp shapes and hint of the wooden legs with metal under-frame stand out against the simple floor and wall backdrop of the studio itself.

Final Thoughts

As you can see we offer our clients various types of images – a balance of product photography, lifestyle photography, and interior design photography all carried out in our studio on the North Yorkshire coast. Simply send across your products with your brief.  After discussions about ideas, and the completion of a shot list the next step is for us to produce a test shot. From there the shoot proceeds.

To see more of our work with apothecary products see our Gallery page here. The consumer needs to visualise the items in their homes or lives to make them marketable. That’s where we can help!